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Lyocell Bedding Set
Hypoallergenic Ultra Soft Tencel Lyocell 4 piece Queen Size Bedding Set Collection
100% NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY. LYOCELL (also known as TENCEL brand of Lenzing) is a pure natural fiber extracted from Eucalyptus trees in an environmentally friendly way. 100% Biodegradable

SOFT AND PLEASANT. Its extremely smooth surface is static free. Fabric made from Lyocell doesn't cling. Simulates silk touch. Luxurious.

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT. Lyocell has an ability to absorb excess liquid (perspiration) – at a rate of fifty percent more than cotton – and quickly release it into the atmosphere. Synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture.

ANTI-MICROBIAL . Lyocell's moisture management does not give bacteria a chance to grow, i.e. it prevents the growth of bacteria naturally without the addition of chemical additives. Synthetics have hundreds to thousands of times higher bacteria count over the same time periods as lyocell. NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC. Lyocell is perfect for those with SENSITIVE SKIN or allergies.

QUEEN SIZE four pieces: Duvet Cover 90"x92" - 1pcs, Fitted Sheet 60"x80"+14.5" - 1pcs, Pillowcase 20"x30" - 2pcs, Threadcount: 302 Machine washable, Design Pattern of Duvet Cover and Pillowcases: Upper side - floral, down side – geometrical pattern; Fitted Sheet – geometrical pattern (see photos).